Trapped (1931 Movie)
Film information

Kurt Neumann


Stanley Bergerman

  • Story: Ray Humphreys
  • Screenplay: Robert F. Hill
  • Lina Basquette
  • Stanley Fields
  • James Murray
Release date(s)

October 28, 1931 (USA)

Running time

23 min

Preceded by

Burglar to the Rescue (1931 Movie)

Followed by

Sealed Lips (1931 Movie)



Full CastEdit

  • Frank Readick The Shadow (voice only)
  • Lina Basquette
  • Stanley Fields
  • James Murray
  • Jason Robards Sr.
  • DeWitt Jennings
  • Joseph North
  • Dorothy Vernon
  • John George

Home Video or DVD Release DatesEdit

DVD Release Date:

Notes and ReferencesEdit

  • The Shadow's second movie short was adapted from a Ray Humphreys story, "The Cat's Paw," which appeared in an issue of Detective Story Magazine first.
  • The Shadow does not participate in the actual story.
  • Frank Readick is uncredited as The Shadow's voice, but he does the narration and commentary, as he did in the original radio show.
  • One of the four Shadow shorts directed by Kurt Neumann.


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