Appearing in "The Great Atlantic Mystery: part one"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Edna Barvale (disguised as Ruth Eldrey)
  • Robert Pell (a steward)




  • The steamship Ozark (sinks)
  • Marmora (ship)
  • Welcome (ship)

Synopsis for "The Great Atlantic Mystery: part one"

Ships that carry cargo consigned by Messrs. Hugh Bravel & Co., keep sinking in the mid-Atlantic. The Shadow sets out to solve the mystery of the lost ships. When he discovers that a strong box containing bullion is shipped aboard the S.S. Ozark, his agents go aboard watching and waiting. It is soon proven that most of the crew are crooks. But Harry Vincent, who is possing as a passenger, discovers that a girl named "Ruth Eldrey" is really Edna Barvale, Hugh Bravale's daughter in disguise.

Meanwhile, The Shadow, who is also aboard the Ozark, contacts one of the ship's officers so that the ship's course can be altered. The crooks get wind of his presence and sink the ship. But as the ship goes down, The Shadow is able to save several lives, as he told the officer to head towards shallow waters.

To be continued...



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