Appearing in "The River of Death: part seven"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • John Brody (a bookshop owner)
  • Ned Turner (Edith's father)
  • Anthony Saxon (a theatrical producer)
  • Blue Chip Deegan (a crooked gambler)
  • Flip Wiley (a showboat dancer)
  • Pike (a river thug)

Other Characters:

  • Roy Hollister (a marine broker)
  • Edith Turner (Roy Hollister's fiancee)
  • Pauline (a bookstore clerk)


  • John Brody's Bookshop
  • The Thames River
  • The Floating Follies (a showboat)



Synopsis for "The River of Death: part seven"

Cranston visits The Floating Follies, Ned Turner's river cabaret, to learn what happened at John Brody's Bookshop.

To be continued...



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