The Thriller Library Vol 1: (1929-1940) (published by The Thriller Library)

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The Thriller Library (Volume 1)

The Thriller Library was a weekly British newspaper published prior to WWII. Most of the of stories featured various detectives who solved simple murders, and some even confronting gang warfare. The most notable issues featured the Saint, by Leslie Charteris.

It also reprinted some of Walter B. Gibson's and Theodore Tinsley's Shadow stories, however, those stories were heavily condensed, rewritten, retitled and relocated to England.

Beginning with issue #477, The Shadow reprints began as "full stories" and featured the character on the cover, however, over time he became regulated as a back-up story and short two-page serials.

While The Shadow still posed as Lamont Cranston, his true identity was changed to ruined lawyer John Harverson (not Kent Allard). Joe Cardona became a Scotland Yard detective named "Joe Carton" and Burbank was given the first name of "Richard."

The following list pertains only to issues featuring The Shadow:


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