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What do you Know about... The Shadow?
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What Do You Know About.... The Shadow?
Since his creation in 1930, The Shadow has become the subject of over 300 pulp stories, a radio drama series, several movies, a 15-episode movie serial, various comic books and even an unsold TV pilot. Rumor has it that a "Sinister Shadow" will co-star in a Doc Savage paperback... But only The Shadow Knows!
Get to Know the Agents and Villains.
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With over a hundred characters populating The Shadow pulp novels, comics and radio shows, this database has the most complete listing in existence.

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Did You Know...
... that Claude Fellows became the first, and only, Shadow agent to be killed in the line of duty. * The Shadow Magazine #5.

Latest activity

"This is to certify that I have made a careful examination of the activity below, and do find the information to be a true account of my adventures, as originally set down by Mr. Maxwell Grant, my raconteur." ~The Shadow


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