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Shadow Knows Radio (Iron On)

The Shadow Knows!
Radio Programs: 1930-1954

On July 31, 1930, "The Detective Story Magazine Hour" radio show began its weekly program of dramatizing stories from the pages of Street & Smith's Detective Story Magazine.

The narrator, actor James La Curto, introduced the program with a sinister voice; "The Shadow knows all." With that announcement, The Shadow was born and became an immediate hit with the listening audience.

Though the program was canceled after 52 episodes, The Shadow continued on with his own magazine.

"Blue Coal Mystery Revue" was another attempt of The Shadow narrating a program, but with Frank Readick, Jr. voicing the character. Readick would also narrate a CBS radio series proclaiming "crime does not pay," followed by a chilling laugh. However, both shows were dropped from the airwaves.

On September 26, 1937, Street & Smith gave The Shadow a central role, and a long-time radio residence, on the Mutual Broadcasting System network. The first show, starring Orson Welles, was titled "Death House Rescue." The last radio program featured Bret Morrison portraying the mysterious sleuth. It was titled "Murder by the Sea," and aired on December 26, 1954.

Bret Morrison and Grace Matthews, as Margot Lane, recorded two final episodes for a special record released in 1968.

Below is "The Shadow" radio show disambiguation page. It serves to clarify the difference between several of the radio programs in which The Shadow either narrated or starred in as a central character.

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