The Night of The Shadow
Night of the Shadow
Author Dennis Lynds
Publication date 1966
Published by Belmont Books
Publication Order
Preceded by
Shadow - Go Mad!
Followed by
Destination: Moon


Cranston had gone nearly a full mile through the thick jungle growth when he tripped on the thick vine that lay across the faint path. A vine thick as a man's arm suddenly whipped up from the jungle floor and wrapped itself around Cranston's waist. The vine that had tripped him was wound tight around his ankle. Another vine seemed to strike like a snake and fasten itself on Cranston's wrist as he struggled to release the vine around his ankle.

The vines began to pull at him, began to draw him to the left of the trail. The vines ended fifty feet away in a thick, enormous flower-like growth in the shape of a cup--a cup that was wide open, revealing a lining as red as blood. The cup opened and closed like a mouth--a hungry mouth!

The powerful vines drew Lamont Cranston, THE SHADOW, steadily toward the gaping mouth of the meat-eating plant.


Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • The Shadow's Agents:


Other Characters:








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