The Mobsmen on the Spot (Pyramid)
Mobsmen (Pyramid)
Author Walter B. Gibson
Illustrator George Rozen
Publication date 1974
Published by Pyramid Books
ISBN 0-515-03554-8
Publication Order
Preceded by
The Black Master (Pyramid)
Followed by
Hands in the Dark (Pyramid)


Who calls the shots for the country's toughest gangsters? Who makes them dance to an offer they can't refuse? Who is the invisible power behind the scenes of Manhattan's billion-dollar protection rackets?

The Shadow knows!



Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • The Shadow's Agents:


  • Francis J. "Killer" Durgan (dies)
  • Mike Wharton (dies)
  • Ernie Shires (dies)
  • "Big" Ben Hargin (dies)
  • Bart Hennesy (dies)
  • Hoke Larrigan (dies)
  • Spunk Hogan (dies)
  • Stanley Wilberton (dies)
  • Crowley (dies)
  • Hymie Bergerman (dies)
  • Luke Romano (dies)
  • Tim Waldron (dies)

Other Characters:

  • Joe, the detective
  • Howard Griscom (Paladrome Theater owner)
  • Arline Griscom (Griscom's daughter)
  • Madge Benton (dies)
  • Nipper Brady (dies)
  • Patsy Birch
  • Dave Talbot
  • Tony Peretti
  • Bud Sherman
  • George Ballantyne (dies)
  • Babson (Paladrome Theater manager)


  • New York City
  • Brooklyn Docks
  • Club Drury
  • New Era Garage
  • Paladrome Theater
  • Perreron's
  • The Hotel Spartan
  • Turin Cafe
  • New Jersey
  • Larchmont Court




  • The Pyramid cover of this paperback is designed by Jim Steranko, however, the front cover was actually painted by former Shadow artist, George Rozen. There is no "Steranko" signature on the cover. It is believed that he wanted Rozen to receive royalties from it. The cover originally appeared on Shadow Magazine #245, published in 1942.




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