Shadow Film Shorts 1931 (DVD) 002
The Circus Show-Up
Film information

Lewis Seiler


Stanley Bergerman

  • Story Leslie T. White
  • Screenplay: Harold Tarshis
  • Sally Blane
  • Russell Hopton
  • Paul Nicholson
Release date(s)

February 20, 1932 (USA)

Running time

18 min

Preceded by

The Red Shadow (1932 Movie)

Followed by

The Shadow Strikes (1937 Movie)


A circus manager quickly solves the murder of a trapeze artist who fell to her death during her performance.


Full CastEdit

  • Sally Blane
  • Russell Hopton
  • Paul Nicholson
  • William Halligan
  • Polly Ann Young
  • Neely Edwards
  • Allan Forrest
  • Martin Faust
  • David Leo Tillotson

Home Video or DVD Release DatesEdit

DVD Release Date:

Notes and ReferencesEdit

  • The Shadow does not participate in the actual story.
  • Frank Readick is uncredited as The Shadow's voice, but he does the narration and commentary, as he did in the original radio show.
  • The sixth in The Shadow series of shorts from Universal.

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