Shadow Anthology LP2 (Murray Hill)
The Caverns of Death
Radio information

B.F. Goodrich Tires

  • Script:
  • Orson Welles
  • Margot Stevenson
Aired date

August 21, 1938

Running time

30 min

Preceded by

The Hospital Murders (Radio Show)

Followed by

Death Under the Chapel (Radio Show)


During a cave tour, several students fall down a pit when the rail gives way. When a rescue team goes down, they find no bodies. The Shadow and Margot Lane investigate and discover a secret ruby mine deep below the caverns where the students have been kidnapped and are being used as slave labor.

Full CastEdit

Featured Characters:


  • Professor Morley (dies)
  • Bronson (a henchman; dies)
  • Gaffney (a foreman)

Other Characters:

  • Harry (Rescue Squad)

Notes and ReferencesEdit


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