The Black Master (Pyramid)
Black Master (Pyramid)
Author Walter B. Gibson
Illustrator Jim Steranko
Publication date 1974
Published by Pyramid Books
ISBN 0515034789
Publication Order
Preceded by
The Living Shadow (Pyramid)
Followed by
The Mobsmen on the Spot (Pyramid)


Five die and many are injured when Wall Street is bombed, followed by Grand Central Station and the subway entrance at Columbus Circle. When a reporter for The Classic claims to have information on the bomber's identity, the office explodes. As the death toll rises, The Shadow races to uncover who is the bomber known as The Black Master.


Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • The Shadow's Agents:


  • The Black Master (Dr. Heinrich Zerndorff; dies)
  • Killer Bryan (dies)
  • Nick Michaels (dies)

Other Characters:

  • Detective Joe Cardona
  • Inspector James Burke
  • Hardan Raynor (managing editor of the Evening Classic; dies)
  • Grimes (the Evening Classic's star reporter; dies)
  • Tewkson (reporter for the Evening Classic; dies)
  • Michael Sforza
  • Pecherkin Grigor
  • Isidor Vervick (dies)
  • Hubert Banks (dies)
  • Dick Pennypacker (dies)
  • Glen Houghton (dies)
  • George Houston (dies)
  • Vervick (dies)
  • Perry Warfield (dies)


  • New York City
  • The offices of the Evening Classic (destroyed)
  • Grand Central Station
  • The Pink Rat
  • Wall Street






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