Appearing in "Final for F.D.R."

Featured Characters:

  • The Green Hornet (Britt Reid)
  • Ikano Kato

Supporting Characters:

  • Yankee Commando (Private Lee Powell)


  • Colonel Gretchen Wagemuten
  • Lieutenant Ernst Doffel
  • Eric (a German agent)
  • Hanse (a German agent)

Other Characters:

  • Major Leland Case (Army Intelligence)
  • President Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • Ruth Reid (Britt's secretary)
  • Captain Burke


  • Portsmouth, New Hampshire
  • New Castle Harbor
  • Daily Sentinel Office



  • Black Beauty (Green Hornet's car)
  • DC Flyer (train)
  • A German U-Boat (destroyed)

Synopsis for "Final for F.D.R."

1942: America is entering WWII and the Nazi's are determined to undermine the U.S. war effort, so Hitler sends Colonel Gretchen Wagemuten to the states on a secret mission of espionage. While pursuing the spy trail, The Hornet realizes that President Roosevelt may be in danger while traveling to the Maine coast by train. He is correct. When he reaches the train, he is held captive by a German spy posing as President Roosevelt. The two men are then interrupted by an officer from the special army security detail guarding the president. During the confrontation, the disguised spy takes a cyanide capsule, killing himself. Later, The Green Hornet discovers that the real President Roosevelt is located in New Castle Harbor. He and Kato, along with the US Army, the Yankee Commando and the Coast Guard, rescue the kidnapped president from Colonel Gretchen Wagemuten. During the confrontation, Colonel Wagemuten is taken into custody. The Hornet and Kato receive a pardoned from the President, and then depart. While on her way to prison, Colonel Wagemuten kills her two army escorts and escapes.


  • This issue was also issued as a "Collectors' Edition" which included a poster of the cover.


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