Quote1 "I am The Shadow! Sit down. Turn on the lamp. You killed Jonathan Graham! Answer me! You killed Jonathan Graham! Tell me why! Write your full story. Tell everything. Sign your name beneath, when you have finished. Mail the letter. Then you can forget. Quote2
-- The Shadow

Appearing in "The Red Menace"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • The Shadow's Agents:


  • Communist Agents:
  • Red Envoy (Price Zuvor; dies)
  • Stanley Berger (dies)
  • Prokop (dies)

Other Characters:

  • Lamont Cranston
  • Bruce Duncan
  • Vic Marquette
  • Arlette DeLand
  • Professor Arthur Whitburn
  • Lieutenant Raymond Branson
  • Abdul (Duncan's Hindu servant)
  • Berchik (dies)
  • Ivan Shiskin (dies)
  • Jonathan Graham (dies)


  • New York City
  • Death Island
  • Germany


  • "Devil's Whisper" (explosive paste)
  • Girasol Ring


Synopsis for "The Red Menace"

The Shadow confronts an ex-Czarist nobleman now living in New York under an assumed name.



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Recommended Reading

  • Stories revealing insight into The Shadow's origin can be read in the following issues:

Links and References

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