Quote1 Say, Markham, come here a minute and tell me something. Did you ever hear of a name that sounded something like chickens? A man's... it doesn't have to be like chickens, though. Let's see. It might be fowl - no, that couldn't be it. Ducks, geese - what do you call them all? I mean in a bunch. Wait! Maybe it's poultry... something like poultry, maybe. Moultrie! David Moultrie! Quote2
-- Joe Cardona

Appearing in "The Living Joss"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Kwa, the Living Joss (Barton Schofield; dies)
  • Soy Foon (a Chinese merchant)
  • Chon Look (a phony Buddhist)
  • Koy Shan, the Mighty (a Chinese gangster; dies)
  • Chun Shi, the Crafty (a Chinese gangster; dies)
  • Hugo Urvin (suicide)

Other Characters:


  • New York City


  • "The Devil's Whisper" (explosive paste)


Synopsis for "The Living Joss"

In some unknown abode, an insidious power dwelt. Who was the power? What was his mission? Only The Shadow, avenger of crime, was able to learn!



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