Quote1 Guilty as hell! A traitor coiled in the flag of his own country! A trusted officer in the United States army. Murderer and thief! Torturer of his own innocent daughter... Quote2
-- Vic Marquette

Appearing in "Death's Harlequin"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • The Shadow's Agents:


  • Number One (Jim Whelan)
  • Mike Porter (dies)
  • Clarita Rondo (Porter's girlfriend; dies)
  • Noble (colonel Standish's butler; dies)
  • Blackie (a thug; dies)
  • Monty (a thug)
  • Slim (a thug)
  • Madame Alyce (a beauty shop owner)
  • Walter Roscoe (a blackmailer; dies)

Other Characters:

  • Vic Marquette
  • Colonel Henry Standish
  • Evelyn Standish (the colonel's stepdaughter)
  • Roy Standish (the colonel's stepson)
  • Parker (the colonel's servant; dies)
  • Miriam Hudson (a debutante)
  • Jane Purdy (dies)


  • The Club Bandbox



Synopsis for "Death's Harlequin"

The Shadow battles a murderous clown, as they twist their way through a maze of international intrigue.



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