Quote1 At least one thing I feel certain about. There can be no Shadow without a man to cast it. Quote2
-- The Shadow

Appearing in "The Shadow"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Red Raja (dies)

Other Characters:

  • Hwong


  • New York City
  • Nepal



Synopsis for "The Shadow"

1937: After the Shadow fails to stop a routine mugging, he travels to the Far East with his pilot, Miles Crofton. In Nepal, he tries to reconnect with his old masters and to consult with them about what could be amiss with his powers. However, he finds the old temple destroyed and the masters dead. He learns that a local opium smuggler was responsible for the destruction and goes after him. The two confront one another and the Shadow cuts him down with a sword.


  • Variant covers by: John Cassaday, Darwyn Cooke and Francesco Francavilla.


  • Chronology, issues #7-12 take place in 1937. A year earlier than issues #1-6 storyline.

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