Appearing in "Eulogy"

Featured Characters:

  • ShadowCorp:

Supporting Characters:

  • ShadowCorp Agents:


  • The High-Rise Killers (both die)

Other Characters:

  • Inspector Joe Cardona
  • Dr. Roy Tam
  • Rutledge Mann
  • Max Purvision
  • Hsu-Tei (Kent Allard's son)
  • Ching Yao Chang (Kent Allard's son)
  • Private Detective Richard Magnet
  • Rupert Tome (a journalist student)
  • Albert Renn
  • Percy Jennifah (cab driver)
  • Maurice Hand
  • Cody & Ruben (Lorelei's chimps)


  • New York City



  • The Shadow's Hovercraft

Synopsis for "Eulogy"

The sons of The Shadow begin their journey back to the hidden city of Shambala to bury their late father. Meanwhile, The Shadow's surviving agents carry on his work by disguising themselves as the crime fighter and going after two criminals behind a murdering spree.



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