Quote1 I regret this violence, but your interference may become troublesome! Quote2
-- The Shadow

Appearing in "Night of Neptune's Death!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • The Shadow's Agents:


  • General Sodam and his Nazi agents:
  • Hass
  • Heim

Other Characters:

  • Neptune's ship's captain (dies)
  • Cyril Bench
  • F.B.I. Agents


  • New York



  • S.S. Neptune (cruise ship)
  • S.S. Boxer (U.S. warship ship)

Synopsis for "Night of Neptune's Death!"

The cruise ship Neptune is hi-jacked by Nazi's, while agent Margo Lane is on board. She's able to send out an urgent SOS to agent Burbank, and The Shadow comes to their rescue.


  • From this issue on, each Shadow story is titled "Night of __________."


  • One of the Nazi's is reading the pulp magazine, Spicy Detective.

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