Shadow: 1994 Movie Adaptation
Shadow Movie Book (Ivy)
Author James Luceno
Illustrator Michael Kaluta
Publication date 1994
Published by Ivy Books
ISBN 0804112967
Publication Order
Preceded by
Followed by
Shadow: 1994 Movie Adaptation (Children)


Book adaptation of The Shadow (1994 Movie).

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men...?

Perhaps only a man on intimate terms with evil himself. Such a man is Lamont Cranston, cold-blooded czar of a criminal empire -- until a powerful Far Eastern mystic makes the ganglord his prisoner, and his disciple in the occult arts that will change his life forever.


Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • The Shadow's Agents:


  • Shiwan Khan
  • Henry "Duke" Rollins
  • English Johnny
  • Maxie
  • Hoang Shu (dies)
  • Farley Claymore (dies)

Other Characters:

  • Commissioner Barth
  • Inspector Joe Cardona
  • Reinhardt Lane (Margo's father)
  • Issac Newboldt
  • Berger
  • Nelson (dies)
  • Nicky Dano (dies)
  • Marpa Tulku (The Shadow's mentor, dies)
  • Shil Shrevnitz (Moe's wife)


  • New York City
  • Western Tibet (flashback)




  • The novel retains elements of the classic pulp Shadow mythos which didn't appear in the film, such as the Shadow's "Lamont Cranston" identity being an alter-ego assumed by Kent Allard while the real Cranston was away traveling the world.


  • The book is dedicated to "Jim Steranko -- artist, author, acrobat, magician, raconteur -- for keeping me on track."



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