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Dr. Rupert Sayre is The Shadow's own personal physician. He's not an agent, but is certainly a friend of the crimefighter. He is also one of the highest rated practicing physicians in Manhattan.

Dr. Sayre is indebted to The Shadow's service due to being rescued by him from the clutches of the "Master of Death," Dr. Eric Veldon. Veldon was a fiend who forced Dr. Sayre to aid him in brain operations upon captured thugs and outlaws. Into the dilemma came The Shadow, who stopped the insidious Dr. Veldon plans. The result was Sayre's rescue as Veldon and his minions perished. Since then, Sayre has sworn allegiance to his rescuer.

Dr. Rupert Sayre was created by Walter B. Gibson, first appearing in Shadow Magazine #38 (1933).

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Various publishers have modified the character of Rupert Sayre:

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