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Tom Lovell (Lingo)

Jericho Druke is The Shadow's only African-American agent. He is a rather large man, and doesn't bother with ordinary weapons. Empty-handed, he can deal with several men as easily as two, because he usually just grabs his foes, and bangs their heads together.

Prior to becoming an agent, he ran an employment agency in Harlem. He was also a doorman at the Club Galaxy.

While working at the club, two killers were making a getaway after rubbing out a fellow mobster. A third thug smacked Druke over the head with a blackjack. When the giant man came to his senses, he heard shots and then saw The Shadow.

The Shadow's intervention saved Druke's life. Sometime later, Harry Vincent brought Druke into The Shadow's unit.

Jericho Druke was created by Walter B. Gibson, first appearing in Shadow Magazine #65 (1934).

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Various publishers gave Jericho Druke a different origin:

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