Hands in the Dark (Pyramid)
Hands in the Dark (Pyramid)
Author Walter B. Gibson
Illustrator Jim Steranko
Publication date 1975
Published by Pyramid Books
ISBN 9780515035575
Publication Order
Preceded by
Mobsmen on the Spot (Pyramid)
Followed by
Double Z (Pyramid)




Featured Characters:

  • The Shadow (also disguised as "George Clarendon")

Supporting Characters:

  • The Shadow's Agents:


  • Bob Maddox (dies)
  • Briggs (dies)
  • Garry Elvers (dies)
  • Hiram Mallory (dies)
  • Moose Shargin (dies)
  • Acting Inspector Herbert Zull (dies)
  • Theodore Galvin (dies)
  • Reynold Barker (dies)
  • Wing Toy (Tong leader)

Other Characters:

  • Detective Crowell
  • Detective Devlin
  • Robert Galvin (nephew of Theodore Galvin)
  • Betty Mandell
  • Thaddeus Westcott
  • Richard Harkness (dies)
  • Zachary Mitchell (dies)
  • Hodgson (dies)


  • New York City





  • Jim Steranko's cover illustration is also featured on a later edition of "The Crime Cult." Interesting enough, the original cover of "The Crime Cult" is used again on the later edition for "Hands in the Dark." Perhaps the switching of the two covers was a publisher's error. [Actually, Pyramid originally mistakenly switched the covers, putting the correct painting for THE CRIME CULT on HANDS IN THE DARK, and vice versa. They later released second printings of both - in much smaller quantities -  with the correct covers.]

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