Quote1 "Mercy bullets" are a contradiction in terms! My operatives must be prepared to take the lives of those who would take theirs! Quote2
-- The Shadow

Appearing in "Uneasy Allies"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • The Shadow's Agents:
  • The Fabulous Five:
  • Theodore "Ham" Brooks (now disguised as "Al Ombra")
  • Monk Mayfair
  • Renny


  • Johnny Malone (dies)
  • Nails Monahan (dies)

Other Characters:

  • Vivian Roy
  • Prof. Ishmael Roy


  • New York City
  • Upstate New York
  • Crime College
  • Long Island


  • A Ray Gun


Synopsis for "Uneasy Allies"

RECAP from part one: When a gangster kidnaps a scientist, who's invented a special detonator "ray" gun, the scientist's daughter enlists the help of Doc Savage and his crew. However, unknown to Doc, The Shadow was already on the case as a disguised gangster named "Al Ombra." When the two met, Doc knocked out the disguised Shadow and took him back to his Crime College to operate on his brain.

PART TWO: As three of the Shadow's agents break into Doc's Crime College to rescue their chief, the unconscious (and still disguised) Shadow wakes up in time before Doc's scalpel pierces his skull. A confrontation ensues in the operating room between the two heroes, while the Shadow's agents enter the compound and take down Doc's Fabulous Five. A "cease fighting" is called out and the two teams compare notes and realize they're both investigating the same kidnapping case. They agree to team up and swap some agents.

Doc heads off with three Shadow agents, and Renny, to a warehouse in order to thwart the gangster who kidnapped the scientist. There, they rescue the scientist who then informes them that his daughter has been captured by the hoodlum, Johnny Malone.

Meanwhile, the Shadow sneaks into Johnny's office to find out who is the ringleader behind the kidnapping. Johnny and his head henchmen step inside the same room where the Shadow is hiding and make some phone calls. Outside the building, several masked men storm the area with their machine guns firing. It's a hit. Johnny is shot, as are several members of his gang. The Shadow leaps out of the darkness, fires a few rounds, and makes his escape.

Some minutes later, Doc Savage approaches Johnny's building. He quickly notices the carnage all around and a strange symbol scrawled on the wall, as if it were a calling card to a meeting place.

To be continued in Shadow Strikes (DC Comics) #6.



  • Long Tom and Johnny are mentioned, but are not in the issue as they are "outta the country."

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