Death from the Deep (LP)
Death from the Deep
Radio information

B.F. Goodrich Tires

  • Script:
  • Orson Welles
  • Agnes Moorehead
Aired date

April 3, 1938

Running time

29 min

Preceded by

The Hypnotized Audience (Radio Show)

Followed by

The Firebug (Radio Show)


For the last three months, a lunatic huntsman has been torpedoing ships at sea from his pirate submarine. Lamont Cranston reads about the disasters and investigates.

Full CastEdit

Featured Characters:


  • Captain Barry Vincent (a millionaire; captured)
  • Mr. Browse

Other Characters:

  • Charlie and Phil (ex-convicts & shipyard workers)
  • Joesph Hart (a submarine designer; suicide)
  • Mr. McGleenan (ship captain; dies)

Notes and ReferencesEdit

  • In 1977, the episode was released on Nostalgia Lane Records. The album cover dates the program "October 3, 1937."


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