Death Stalks The Shadow (album)
Death Stalks The Shadow
Radio information

Blue Coal

  • Script:
  • Bill Johnstone
  • Agnes Moorehead
Aired date

October 9, 1938

Running time

30 min

Preceded by

The Black Abbot (Radio Show)

Followed by

Night Without End (Radio Show)


A convict on death row asks to see The Shadow before he goes to the chair. He confesses how his crooked lawyer is planning an insurance scam. The Shadow goes after the attorney, but becomes trapped by an electric photo beam in a death chamber.

Full CastEdit

Featured Characters:


  • Peter Murdock (a crooked lawyer)
  • Bess (Peter's moll; dies)
  • Dan Malley (a convict; dies)
  • Gus (thug)
  • Joe (thug)
  • Chick (thug)
  • Dopey Jake (thug; dies)

Other Characters:

Notes and ReferencesEdit

  • This episode was released on "The Shadow: Two Complete Radio Adventures Vol. 1 album." The back cover of the LP dates the program "January 16, 1944." The 1944 show is actually, Death Stalks at Night.


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